• The '50s

    Cartiere del Polesine S.p.A.’s origins date back to the 50s, when the company used to produce paper from straw.
  • The '60-'70s

    During the following years the business gradually expanded, switching to the utilization of recovered paper as sole row material
  • The ’80s

    In 1986, the Scantamburlo Family took over the Loreo plant. Right from the start, the new management focused on company innovation and expansion: the two Loreo PMs were immediately revamped and reorganized, and continuous production introduced.
  • 1999

    In 1999 a new machine - PM 3 - was put into operation on the nearby Adria Industrial Area (AIA).
  • 2004

    In 2004 an important new investment was achieved: PM 4 started its production, with a wider and higher product range, noticeably increasing total production capacity.
  • Today

    Today Cartiere del Polesine is a major player in the Italian and European containerboard industry. Sustainability and an innovating soul are the drivers leading its activity in today new challenges.


Tradition and Innovation

In a world which quickly changes its competitive context and which is ever-more global, we believe that innovation is the key tool to driving our business forward – without forgetting, however, that the seeds of who we are today were sown in our history and past experience.

Confidence in results

We give our best, and this gives us confidence that we will reach our goals, be they the quality of our product, be they financial or environmental performance, and that the results will satisfy both ourselves and our stakeholders.

Respecting resources

Any production unit is part of the world that surrounds it All resources that we use are treated with utmost respect as we are aware that they are precious and essential to our success.



The Loreo factory has been used for production right from the start. It is made up of two PMs (PM 1 and PM 2). The production site covers around 30,000 m2, of which 10,000 m2 are buildings, and is found in the centre of Loreo (RO), a quiet town in the Basso Polesine area. Over the course of time production lines have been periodically updated in order to maintain competitiveness. The most recent modernization has affected pulp preparation and energy efficiency.

Cavanella Po - Adria

The Cavanella Po building is found on an industrial estate near the town of Adria (Adria Industrial Area – AIA) and houses the PM3 and the PM4, which are of recent manufacture and thus technologically advanced. The Adria production unit is also the largest: it covers 150,000 m2 in total, of which 35,000 m2 are buildings. This factory was built with respect for the local environment in mind and the strongest anti-pollution measures were taken to prevent pollution and to protect the health and safety of employees.
The new headquarter, since 2012, hosts comfortable and contemporary offices where the administrative, technical and sales personnel operate.


Convenzione con Assicurazioni Generali per i dipendenti

Cartiere del Polesine S.p.A. ha sottoscritto una Convenzione dedicata ai dipendenti e loro familiari con Assicurazioni Generali Italia Spa Agenzia di Rovigo. L’accordo nasce per offrire a tutto il personale agevolazioni su un’ampia gamma di soluzioni assicurative, per soddisfare le esigenze di sicurezza e di tutela della persona e della famiglia.

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